Black Prince of Cardolan, King's Ranger, High Captain Paramount of the North


“He was deliberate in his subtlety, and disarming in his boldness. Those who feared him respected him, and those who loved him, loved well. In all things, he was a Dunedain lord of old.”

Fief: Cardolan
Seat: Minas Girithlin
Titles: Prince of Cardolan, High Captain Paramount of the North, King’s Ranger, Counselor of Arnor.
Vassals: 300 household knights, 4000 men-at-arms
Age: 65

Haldir’s father Halbarad was a lord of the Rangers and a close kinsman of Aragorn, King Elessar. Halbarad lost his life as Aragorn’s standard-bearer in the Battle of the Pelennor fields, and Aragorn did not forget him after he was crowned. Upon his return to the north, he took his son Haldir into his household as a ward, treated him like his own son, and granted him the fiefdom of Cardolan in Arnor. Haldir followed Aragorn in all his campaigns into the East and South, learning the rudiments of swordplay, strategy, warfare, and politics. His bright mind assimilated and mastered all these, as his mind was like a book whose word’s were drawn in everlasting ink. Upon his majority, he returned home to rebuild his lands and take part in the governing of Arnor.

He was one of the few and first among the Northern lords to accept immigrant black dunedain nobility into his service and lands, judging that though their name was tarnished, their blood was pure, and they could be wrought by his kindness, wisdom, and will. These nobles were enormously grateful for his sufferance, and became unfailing in their loyalty to him, as they were shunned and derided in most other parts of Arnor. In the years afterwards, the other nobles began to jokingly call him the Black Prince of Cardolan, a nickname he would truly earn later on in his merciless violence against the orcs of the misty mountains and bandit lords of the marches, and his byzantine intrigues at court.

In his 45th year, he was appointed as King’s Ranger for undisclosed services to the crown, allowing him to act with the King’s authority to punish law-breaking, malfeasance, gross incompetence, and to assume extemporaneous command of the Northern armies if need be, an appointment lasting for life. In his 60th year, he was given Princess Lissuin’s hand in marriage by High King Elessar, and they were wed in Annunimas before the Nimloth tree. The two were infatuated with each other from the start, and their marriage was a happy one. It was during this time he also became close friends with High Prince Eldarion, feeling a sense of close sense of kinship to the younger man, and treating him as if he was a younger brother. In his 64th year, he was appointed High Captain Paramount of Fornost Erain and the King’s Northern armies, making him one of the most powerful men in Arnor, second only to the High King. His loyalty and skill is unquestionable, as even his most bitter puissant rivals are forced to admit.

Appearance: Haldir stands at the height of 6’8, closest in height to his Numenorean ancestors than any of his line in recent memory. He has straight black hair that falls down to the middle of his back, sky blue eyes, and a face elfin-fair. His voice is soft and gentle at court, and lordly and booming on the battlefields of eriador. He favors wearing a flowing shin-long black tunic, an adamantite necklace with his House Symbol about his neck, and a cunningly wrought belt of golden discs fashioned by the dwarves of erebor. He wields the ancient Numenorean Greatsword of his House, and a Noldorin dagger.


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